Roasted by Hand in Haida Gwaii

The Beans

Small Batches Make Good Coffee

We’ve been experimenting for years, and naturally we have a lot of opinions about coffee roasting. And one thing we realized is that good coffee can only be produced on a smaller scale. That’s why we meticulously hand roast fresh, premium beans in a small cabin nestled in the Masset rainforest. This process highlight the quality and characteristics that are unique to this region and the grower, and allows us maintain a high standard of quality that we insist on.

We're Part of a Legacy of Homegrown Producers

The Roast

Ethically sourced, locally operated

All our beans are ethically sourced, meaning it supports long term sustainability of the product. We care a lot about how the beans are made, so it’s important to us that anything we buy supports families, communities, and the environment. That’s also why we’ve always insisted on ethical, environmentally responsible packaging for our products. These are values that are important to us as global citizens as much as they are to us as a company. We believe this alignment between our personal and professional values makes us stronger.


We are part of the community

We live and work in Haida Gwaii with our families. We have roots in our community, and we’re really proud of our island home in the rainforest. So it’s really important that we have a positive impact on our community, and that everything we do respects the strong cultural heritage that’s provided the foundation for everything that’s here today.

Product Inquiry

Get in touch if you have any questions about our company or products. If you need more coffee, this is a good way to order some more.